Great Sales Experience
My wife and I went to Wild West Motoplex while shopping for a new Gold Wing. We met with Rich and after discussing the various options, we determined that they did not have the model we wanted currently in stock. Rich said he would research the availability of the model we wanted and get back with me. He called a few hours later and advised the model we wanted could be ordered and received within 2 weeks. We quickly came to agreement on a price that I was happy with. The bike arrived a week later. I went through the purchase paperwork with Chris. He processed me quickly and explained the various extended service options available without adding any sales pressure for the add-ons. He was a pleasure to work with. Rich gave me an orientation with the bike, and Dan made a quick adjustment as a flashing dash light indicated the heated seat connection was unplugged. Dan and the Service Department did an excellent job assembling the motorcycle. I have seen other dealerships scratch and scuff new bikes, but my bike was flawless. My wife needed some new riding gear, so while we were there she met with Indy. Indy showed her some riding gear options and explained the pros and cons of the various possibilities. From a buyers standpoint, I couldnt be happier with my purchase from Wild West Motoplex. (Employee: Rich McKelvey, Chris Sides, Dan Drom, Indy Lucas)
Nigel Stepchinski
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