Had a typical problem with a 2021 ninja 400
Pat in the service department gave me some solid advice! I had recently bought a 2021 ninja 400 and had a typical issue with the clutch which is a problem with the oem parts in the clutch assembly. Pat not only confirmed my suspicions on what needed to be fixed but also saved me a lot of time and money by giving me tips on how to make my bike rideable until I was able to order the parts and fix it. It was a fix that coild easily be done at home and was so he saved me time from keeping my bike in the shop and money by helping me identify the problem. That is 5 star service knowledge and experience is priceless and that is what Pat helped me acquire! Besides my 2021 ninja 400 is riding great and it opened my eyes on different things I can do to improve the bikes performance.
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Will Kellogg
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