Actually, a great experience!
After giving it a lot of thought, I decided to get back on a two 30 years later. I read up on so many different bikes, talked to friends, and watched YouTube videos til my eyes bled! Of course, money was a factor, but safety, comfort and reliability came first. So, I head up to Wild West, and start the look. I was met by Andrew, and may I say, I was quite impressed at his demeanor. Unlike so many people who sell cars and bikes, he was laid back, allowing me to ask questions, and not trying to ram a bike up my rear end. I explained what I was looking for, and he listened to me. I told him how long it had been, and he agreed, a Honda Gold Wing was a great choice. Yes, I looked at different dealerships, but the fact that I was not harrassed in the process led me back to Wild West. So, to close this, may I say you deserve to at least check this place out, talk to them, and feel relaxed knowing you're not going to regret your decision!
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Jeff Geyer
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